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to Baton Rouge from the beach trip, they attempted to drop off her daughter and two children at their home in Denham Springs.

Floodwaters made the street impassible, so they drove to LeBlanc’s home.

The next day, all had to be evacuated. Like many homes in the area, the LeBlancs’ home had also flooded and both families moved in with another daughter who lives in Green Trails at Shenandoah, where they stayed for eight weeks.

“We were not only dealing with our homes that were flooded, but the grandkids’ schools were also flooded,” LeBlanc said.

She said she briefly thought about walking away from the flooded home, but her husband, Mike, said no.

“I love our lake, I love this lot; we are not living on top of our neighbors. I love it here. We will rebuild,” he said.

Julie LeBlanc agreed, “We live in a beautiful place. We don’t need to go on vacation, we have a beautiful resort home here,” she said.

Slowly, the LeBlancs began the next renovation.

They were able to save all the granite, and the tops of cabinets. They lost a lot of their furniture, but were able to save their oriental rugs.

It’s anticipated that the family (three children and five grandchildren) will once again be able to enjoy the home, viewing the wildlife in the backyard, and enjoy fishing in the 45- acre lake by the end of May.

“There are so many amenities that we have here you just won’t find anywhere else. We were lucky to find the lot back in ’95,” Mike LeBlanc said.

Julie LeBlanc agreed, “It really is a little utopia.”