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Area 5: Vibrant, eclectic, growing

Special to The Advocate If you ask area residents if they live in Area 5, they may not know the answer. They’re likely to ask “What is Area 5?”

That’s a good question. The Baton Rouge Metropolitan Area is divided into 10 areas for the purposes of listing real estate.

While Area 5 isn’t a designation that rolls off the tongue, it’s a handy way for potential buyers to locate desirable properties.

Area 5 covers a broad swath of land east of the Mississippi River and south of I-10 to the East Baton Rouge Parish line.

It’s bordered on the east by I-10, but also includes an area north of I-10, which has the South Acadian Thruway as its eastern border.

Area 5 seems to have at least a little bit of everything from homes on the National Register of Historic Places to contemporary new construction with barely dry paint. It contains the Mall of Louisiana, but also a number of neighborhood retail centers where your favorite shopkeepers know your name.

If you have lineage in Baton Rouge, chances are that your parents or grandparents grew up in one of the older neighborhoods of Area 5. Southeast Baton Rouge is where people lived as the city began to take shape.

As urban sprawl has spread further south into unincorporated East Baton Rouge Parish, Area 5 has become home to many of the city’s newest subdivisions.

To the newcomer, the boundary between the city of Baton Rouge and unincorporated East Baton Rouge Parish may seem invisible. Since city and parish government consolidated in 1947, both are served by the Metropolitan Council. All of Area 5 is in the East Baton Parish Public Schools District.

For home buyers, Area 5 offers a smorgasbord of choices. Options range from compact garden homes to palatial estates, from historic to contemporary houses, and from highrise downtown apartments to gated communities. People with a wide range of budgets, lifestyles and family sizes can find just the right home in Area 5.

Here are a few of the more well-known and cherished neighborhoods of Area 5 as well as some of the new developments. Spanish Town and Beauregard Town Baton Rouge’s oldest neighborhoods are near the Mississippi River: Spanish Town was established in 1805 and Beauregard Town in 1806. Both

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